My thoughts on Venom

I was talking to a friend of mine about super hero movies and she asked me how I feel about Venom since it comes out on 5 October in South Africa. Got me thinking about the super hero movies and how they are flooding the market. There is even a term right now called “Super Hero Movie Fatigue”. There have been some hits and misses, mostly from DC, and lets not even mention the last Fantastic 4. SO there is no guarantee that something will work just because it has a super hero.

This brings me to Venom. So Fox came to a deal with Marvel that allowed them to get Spider Man back. Then someone at Fox said, hey! we still have Venom, lets give him a whole movie. For some reason, Tom Hardy agreed to take the lead role. Keep in mind this is the guy who played Bane in the Dark Knight Rises. So this felt like a risky decision in my opinion. I am a Riz Ahmed fan and I hope he gives us a legendary bad guy.

I don’t want to go on forever but I have some thoughts. The decision to make this movie felt like they thought to themselves, if Deadpool worked, this should too. So here we are, waiting and watching. There have been 3 trailers released for this movie and ill be honest, I am not sold. The promotion behind the movie has left a lot to be desired. Most people don’t even know Venom outside of the fact that he beefs with Spider Man a lot.

In the same breathe I am also curious, because it is not a typical Super Hero movie. Venom is an interesting choice, so many questions. What is the feeling I am going to walk out of the cinema with about the movie as a whole? Is Tom Hardy the man for the job? Will it flip the genre on its head? Will I be routing for a villain? So many questions. But I guess we will find out on 5 October.

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